We are Lit Online Bookkeeping and Payroll Services.

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We are Lit Online Bookkeeping and Payroll Services.

We are a company dedicated to understand and satisfy the bookkeeping and payroll needs of a company like yours. We have a commitment with ourselves to make things right with true vocation of service every single time.


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Payroll expert

  • We have been working with your team in completing the books of our church last year and you have really helped cleaning up the books, reconciling the banks and helping with the housing allowance for the pastor and proper appropriations of funds.
  • I just wanted to thank your team for pointing out that tips were not reported on our W2’s for all our Spa locations. We were able to make the corrections and report them correctly!
  • Thank You Alec for helping me with my bookkeeping, your team caught a bunch of errors in the coding of the rent breakout including CAM, utilities and especially the property taxes. My books were ready for the taxes by the end of the year
  • Since the payroll tasks are out of my hands, I disconnect from work on time, and I do not have to compromise my personal time. I can monitor, verify and approve the results, and that gives me a sense of completion that I didn’t have before.
  • We used to handle all the absence leaves information through our Human Resources office and were running until the last moment to make the payroll deadlines. Now, we have empowered our users and designated approvers, so they own their information and our payroll is calculated based on the absence leaves that are approved
  • I don’t’ have people coming to my office asking me for information. They asked me all the time about the reason for their payroll deductions, their vacation days, or forms and sometimes it was very difficult to handle especially those ones too impatient. Since now, they could access that information all the time, I am much more focused on analysis, looking into how to provide other benefits for employees, and how to make our work environment an even better place
  • Our office does not have enough resources to manage the payroll volume we have. We tried to do it for ourselves for some time, but we never really achieved the efficiency level we wanted. We realized there were so many other activities we could not do since we only worked to comply with the deadlines. Now, we can dedicate ourselves to recruit better talent and develop our resources and maintain a better relationship with them.


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