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Payroll Solution

In 2017, we developed our payroll software to fit the needs of the industry based upon the requirements of that time. After 4 years, we have created a personalized version for each one of our clients, who manage payrolls ranging from 400 to 5,000 employees, leveraging our intellectual property with a hands-on approach that is difficult to emulate. Our cloud-based software enables users to have access to their paystubs on their computers or phones after calculations are available and approved by our clients. The software gives access to a number of metrics based on the employee pay and deductions history having up to date information of vacation days, overtime pay and absenteeism rates.

Time Clock Management Software

In 2018, we were determined to create a time clock management software that complemented our payroll software. Our time clock management software enables our clients to clock in and clock out whether they are in the office or working remotely according to restrictions previously defined and agreed upon and completely customized to each client’s needs. It allows the users to request their personal time off, have access to their vacation days, configure personalized shifts and inform the managers of the employees who are exceeding a cap number of overtime hours. Our time clock management software feeds information into payrolls from 400 to 5,000 employees and allows our clients to define their own rules using the friendly environment of our solutions.


Remote Work

In 2020 as remote work became necessary, we realized the importance of developing a tool that would help our clients monitor the activities of their employees regardless of their location since managers wanted to approve the hours that would feed into the payrolls. We understood the need of having accurate number of worked hours especially in our clients who manage more than 400 employees. In our current uncertain times, remote access to our software has allowed our clients to feel comfortable that each employee is engaged and producing visible results. Our software adjusts to different conditions and allows our clients to be informed and approve of their employees work location and worked hours.

Personnel Information

Our software has a unique feature that allows employees to keep their personal information current and up to date where each employee, given previous authorization, can add or modify his personal information, and approving managers can accept or reject the updates. Some of these changes include changes in addresses, changes in education, changes in work locations by state, changes in relationship status, changes in family status, and changes in employee ID numbers. The solution also allows access to the employees to their employment history so they can verify their contract numbers, length of contract, contract amount, rate per hour, and approving manager for their length of time. The software allows clients to decide which areas of personnel information can managers or employees read or update.

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